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Become a MRVAS driver, dispatcher, medical attendant, or rescue technician. We provide the training, you provide the enthusiasm, our whole community benefits!

See the "Volunteer" page and download an application form.

Questions? Call us on the phone (802-496-8888) or send an email (

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MRVAS Annual Subscription Drive        (Click here to subscribe online!)

Dear Community Member,

Please help us help you! Over 60 MRVAS members provide 24-hour emergency medical care and transport to residents and visitors of the Mad River Valley. We hope you will help to ensure the availability of these essential services by purchasing a MRVAS subscription every year.

MRVAS does not receive funding from the Valley towns; the money we raise through our annual subscription drive is critical to our continued existence.

Your $50 Annual MRVAS subscription covers:

MRVAS will collect any benefits available from our patients' medical insurance. Households covered by a MRVAS subscription will not be billed for any portion of our fees not covered by medical insurance such as co-payments or deductibles.

Click here to subscribe online!

If you have any questions, or to request a form by mail, please call our business office at 802-496-8888 or send an email to

Thank you from all of our members for your continued support!

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